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[New] TOHO ANTHEM TRACKS -BPM175 (± 10)-/ Irreversible Rhythm Release Date: Around March 2021

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[Issue date] Scheduled for March 21, 2021
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[Product Name] Toho Anthem Trox

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Feast Ha Narukyoku, Kusaki Mouki Kill Ox Three Times.

Under the theme of "BPM175 (± 10) Touhou Project x Club Music"
We welcomed gorgeous remixers from home and abroad
A new bible in the Toho club scene, the sequel to the sequel!

■ Track overview
title / Into the one seven five
artist / Morimori Atsushi
Original song / Touhou Koumakyo'Moondial-Luna Dial'

title / Night Drive
artist / REDALiCE
Original song / Touhou Shinto Mausoleum'Desire Drive'

title / Tentacles
artist / uma
Original song / Touhou Demon Beast'Jerry Stone'

title / Vicious Dolls
artist / 3R2
Original song / Touhou Youyoumu'Bucharest's puppeteer'

title / Hakutaku Polka
artist / ARM
Original song / Touhou Eiyasho'Nostalgic Touhou Blood-Old World'

title / Phantom Ensemble 2020 hard
artist / Richite
Original song / Touhou Youyoumu'Ghost Orchestra ~ Phantom Ensemble'

title / Sun of Ice
artist / Maritsumi
Original song / Touhou Koumakyo'Otenba Koi Musume'

title / DAWN
artist / Paradotto
Original song / Touhou Shinto Mausoleum'Rigid Paradise'

title / AM 2XX
artist / LV.4
Original song / Touhou Eiyasho'Extended Ash-Horaijin'

artist / nmk
Original song / Immaterial and Missing Power'Demystify Feast'

title / Boozer
artist / Morimori Atsushi
Original song / Sky magic'Greenwich in the sky'

■ Credit
Arrangement: 3R2, ARM, LV.4, nmk, REDALiCE
Richiter, uma, Paradotto, Maritsumi, Morimori Atsushi
Designer: adapter
Illustrator: ZYANNA
Original music composed: ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice)
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