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[New] TOHO BOOTLGES 7 / IOSYS Release date: Around November 2023

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[Issue date] Scheduled for November 12, 2023
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The latest Touhou club music arrangement series produced by Iosis!

The 7th edition of the Touhou Club arrangement compilation with the theme of “unique [on-site] style”!
This time, young serious DJs/producers who have created many floor bangers with their cutting-edge sensibilities and have garnered a lot of support will gather together.
These days, the hot summer has come to an end and the nights are getting longer.
"Autumn is a good time for night parties; the length and heat are pleasant."
Would you like to go to the party tonight where it is rumored that you can dance?

01.Mass-produced Girls
Arranger: D.watt (IOSYS)
Original song: News Hound

02. Magus Tokyo
Arranger: uno (IOSYS)
Original song: Magus Knight

03. Shanghaihai
Arranger: Alicemetix
Original song: Shanghai Alice of 1898

Arranger: FAIZ (Invaders)
Original song: Tomboy Koi Musume

Arrangement: Tomoyuki Sakakida (PRIDASK)
Original song: Emotional Skyscraper ~ Cosmic Mind

06.The Night's Too Long
Arranger: D.watt (IOSYS)
Original song: Akizuki ~ Mooned Insect

Arrangement: Hanakamiriyuu
Original song: Dongfang Feixiangtian

Producer D.watt
Illustration by Dateru-nyan
Package Design NiesoX(dat file records)
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