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Apple Pay Express Checkout Setting Method (iPhone Compatible Models + Safari Only)

About Apple Pay payment processing Setting method (iPhone)

Apple PayExpress checkoutAbout the benefits of

・ For Apple Pay compatible models, you can place an order with simple authentication while in the cart. You do not need to enter your address or payment method.

How to Use

・ It is necessary to set "delivery information" and "payment information" to the iphone in advance.

・ Tap "Cart" at the top right of the screen

・ If there is no problem with the contents of the cart, tap "Proceed with order"

· Select a payment method that supports "Express Checkout" or enter your contact and shipping information


[When using Express Checkout]

* Apple Pay cannot be used with browsers other than "safari".

Payment will be completed with the information registered in the payment method you are using. 

If you see the "Add Card to Wallet" pop-up when using Apple Pay, change your iPhone settings.

Set the "main card" to the credit card you want to use, and set the shipping address, email, and phone number.

It will be available when all settings are completed.

* If Suica etc. is the main card as shown in the image, a pop-up will appear.


[When using regular payment]

・ Tap "Proceed to delivery"

・ Check the shipping information, and if there are no defects, tap "Proceed to payment".

・ Enter your card information or select PayPal

・ Tap the "Order Complete" button at the bottom to confirm your order.