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■ About the influence of the new coronavirus
Delivery time will be longer than usual.
There is a risk that you will receive your luggage. (Our company is exempt from liability)

■ Before ordering / How to order
Q, is this system safe?
A, This system uses a Canadian-born system called Shopify.
The system is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant.

Q, what is the payment method?
A, Currently you can use "credit cards (shop pay / apple pay / g pay / Amazon pay / various cards)"

Q, how to pay with Apple Pay?
A, There is an explanation on Apple's official website.
You will need to set it yourself.
We do not support how to operate the device.
→ How to use Apple Pay: Pay online or in Safari

Q, What is the payment method with G Pay (Google Pay)?
A, There is an explanation on the Google official website.
You will need to set it yourself.
We do not support how to operate the device.
→ Smooth payment with Google Pay

Q, What is the payment method for cash on delivery orders?
A, not available. (Only for orders in Japan)

Q, What is the payment method for convenience store payment?
A, not available. (Only for orders in Japan)

Q, What is the payment method for pay-as-you-go (ATM / bank net bank)?
A, not available. (Only for orders in Japan)

Q, how to pay with Amazon pay?
A, Please see the shipping policy for Amazon pay.

Q, how to pay with Paidy?
A, not available. (Only for orders in Japan)

■ About credit card payment
Q, when will you be deducted?
A, According to the contract between your credit card company and the customer.

Q, I received a bill before shipping.
A, Our credit card system uses an overseas payment system called Shopify or Paypal.
For Shopfy / Paypal, credit card payment will be confirmed at the time of ordering.

Q, Can I pay with a debit card or a rechargeable card (virtual card, etc.)?
A, not recommended.

■ About over-the-counter receipt
You can pick up the product at Akiba Hobby Akihabara store.
For details, please check here.

■ About ordering reserved products
Please check this page for precautions regarding reserved products.

■ After ordering
Q, I haven't received the email
A, We will send you an order confirmation email immediately after your order.
Please double check your spam filter and other settings.
We do not support the setting of the mail system regarding non-delivery of mail.

Q, Is it possible to use payment methods other than those specified?
A, I can't.

Q. How will my statement appear if I pay by credit card?
A, described as "ST * SP * AKIBAHOBBY".

■ About delivery
Q, can I use Airmail?
A and E packets are the same service as AIR MAIL. E-packets are a traceable AIR MAIL service.

Q, how much is the shipping fee?
A, You can check it in "Delivery Policy".

Q, where is the delivery company?
A, DHL (Occasionally UPS) will be delivered by the post office.

Q, can I specify the delivery date?
A, not available.

Q, When will the luggage I ordered arrive?
Delivery by DHL usually arrives in 2-7 days.
Delivery by post office (EMS) will take 3-10 days.
Delivery by the post office (E-paket) will take 3 to 15 days.

We will ship within 2-5 business days after you place your order.
Reserved items, ordered items, and items with a specified sale date will be shipped after the arrival / release date.
Due to reservations and ordered items, it will be shipped on the above days after the shipping date.
If you order the reserved items together, they will be shipped after all the ordered items have arrived.

Q, I want to change the recipient after shipping for the convenience of moving or receiving
A, We cannot change the delivery address to prevent unauthorized use.
If delivery is completed to the wrong address, we will not accept any refunds or transfers.
If the item is returned to us, you are obliged to pay the regular round-trip shipping fee.

■ About DHL/UPS Tracking Number&Trace

Q, I received a tracking number with my shipment notification, but I can't get the tracking information. When will I be able to track it?
A, Tracking is not available for approximately one day after the date of shipment (domestic transportation in Japan, Gunma to Tokyo).
The reason for this is that the domestic transportation is handled by a different agency.
The reason is that domestic shipments are not trackable until they arrive at the DHL/UPS Japan facility.

■ About the site
Q, what is "Akiba Hobby"?
A, please refer to "About our shop".

■ Inquiries regarding other than the above
Contact information