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How to use coupon

At Akiba Hobby mail order, discounts are applied"coupon"can be used.


■ About coupons

We may distribute coupons for a limited time in our flyers, campaigns, etc.

By entering a special coupon code when ordering, the discount will be applied to the total amount of your order.


The reserved product isCoupons are not eligible for discounts.

Some products are not eligible for coupon discounts even if they are on sale.

■ How to use coupons

① Select the product you wantcartand select "Checkout"

② On the page where you fill in your contact information, there is an entry field for "Coupon Code" on the right side.

③Enter the coupon code

*The image is as of October 2022.
You may not be able to use the coupon code posted.

(4) Coupon code authentication reading is entered

*If the coupon code you entered is incorrect or the coupon has expired, the coupon will not be applied.

⑤Once the coupon code is verified, the discount will be applied.


Use coupons and enjoy great shopping!