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フリュー株式会社 東方Project TENITOL 博麗霊夢 好評販売中!

FuRyu Co., Ltd. Touhou Project TENITOL Reimu Hakurei Pre-order now open!

hello everyone.

I'm in charge of public relations for Akiba Hobby.

This time,FuRyu Co., Ltd.New products released by

"Touhou Project TENITOL Reimu Hakurei"


A figure of Reimu Hakurei based on an illustration drawn by popular illustrator Nonoko!

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From "Touhou Project", Reimu Hakurei appears in "TENITOL"!
A three-dimensional figure of Reimu Hakurei drawn by popular illustrator Nonoko.
The soft and cute smile, the fluttering sleeves and the frills of the skirt are carefully sculpted down to the smallest detail. You can fully enjoy her charm from any angle.
Comes with a dedicated pedestal that imaged a corner of Hakurei Shrine.

The beautiful illustrations are specially drawn for this figure.
The charm of Reimu drawn by Mr. Nonoko is expressed as much as possible in three dimensions.


◆What is TENITOL?
TENITOL-ERUWith a sense of price (handy),TENITOL ITAISomething that makes you want to pick it up. "
is a new figure brand from FuRyu.
Utilizing the know-how of “character x manufacturing” cultivated so far, Kodawari to planning, modeling and quality
As it is, it is a series that pursues quality to the limit at an affordable price.

We will expand not only in Japan but also all over the world.

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【Product Information】

Title of work: OrientalProject

name:TENITOL Reimu Hakurei

price:6,820Yen (tax included)

Target age:15over the age

Height: approx.200mm(including pedestal)



Color production: Kazuhiro

Shooting cooperation:Vaistar studio

release/Sales: FuRyu Co., Ltd.

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*The release date may be changed or postponed due to the circumstances of the manufacturer.

*Even if the figure is brand new, there may be cases where the product seal is doubled or there is a mark of opening. This is not a return condition because it occurs during the manufacturer's factory inspection and customs inspection process.

* Package boxes may have minor damage during the above work. Packages are not products and are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

*For inquiries regarding product defects, regardless of the exterior or contents, please contact the manufacturer support listed on the product.

*In the case of overseas manufacturer products and overseas imported products, the selling price may change.


[Copyright notation]

©Shanghai Alice Phantom Troupe


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