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[New] ESQUARIA INST BEST 002 / ESQUARIA Release Date: Around October 2020

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[Issue date] Scheduled for October 11, 2020
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[Product Name] Esukuori Ainsu and Best

The new Touhou Beniro Yume 16 / 7th Autumn Festival presented by Circle ESQUARIA is the second in the popular Touhou EDM instrumental best series for the first time in about two years!
A total of 14 tracks, including 4 newly written songs by full-fledged club music artists such as Nhato, KaNa, Jerico, and ziki_7, are gathered together.
A beautiful melody based on the Japanese style of the Touhou original song
(EDM / Trance / Drum'n'Bass / Dubstep / Future Bass / Future house / Progressive house etc.)
It is finished in a unique ESQUARIA arrangement that fuses such sounds.
Let's get drunk with the supreme Toho club sound with the beautiful Suzusen, Yukukain, and Inaba jacket by Ren Sakuragi!

01 Fake Moon
(Original song: Touhou Hanaezuka / Crazy Eyes-Invisible Full Moon)
Arrange: Nhato

02 Lunaris
(Original song: Touhou Eiyasho / Crazy Eyes-Invisible Full Moon)
Arrange: KaNa

03 Ruined Sky Fortress
(Original song: Touhou Youyoumu / City of Flowers in the Sky)
Arrange: ziki_7

04 Frenzy of Puppets
(Original song: Perfect Cherry Blossom / Bucharest's puppeteer)
Arrange: Jerico

05 Salvation Flare
(Original song: Touhou Tenku Rin / Magical Kasa Jizo)
Arrange: ziki_7

06 Remission 2019
(Original song: Touhou Koumakyo / Youkai no Yakou)
Arrange: izna

07 Ecarlate
(Original song: Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody / Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)
Arrange: KaNa

08 Wing
(Original song: Touhou Tenku Rin / Colorless wind is on the mountain of youkai)
Arrange: izna

09 M9 Syndrome
(Original song: Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody / The color of the earth is yellow)
Arrange: Laz

10 Resolution of Soldiers
(Original song: Touhou Demon Beast / Ceramic Wand Swordsman)
Arrange: RUON

11 Hidden Fourseasons
(Original song: Secret Nightmare Diary / Hidden Four Seasons)
Arrange: KaNa

12 Project Pegasus
(Original song: Touhou Onigata Beast / Prince Shotoku's Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus)
Arrange: Jerico

13 Breaking The Red Dawn
(Original song: Touhou Koumakyo / Shanghai Tea House-Chinese Tea)
Arrange: ziki_7

14 Unite
(Original song: Touhou Immaterial / Missing Power)
Arrange: ziki_7

Produced / Design: UON (ESQUARIA)

NewTrack Arrange:
Nhato (wavforme)
KaNa (Otographic Music)
Jerico (Jerico's Law)
ziki_7 (SOUNDOT)

izna (IZMIZM)
LAZ (pastyle)

Mastering: Puru
Illust: Ren Sakuragi (Sakura Neuro)

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