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[New] Participation in Far East Outbreak / Far East Outbreak Countermeasures Headquarters Release Date: Around March 2021

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[Issue date] Scheduled for March 21, 2021
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[Product name] Kyokuto Auto Bureiku-san
The fourth installment of the Touhou Project band-based arrangement joint project, obsession.

From the seasonal circles that are currently active to those circles that have been dormant for a long time, a compilation album [Far East Outbreak] for launch by a total of 20 groups is back again! The band is the best. Did you know
This time, a luxurious specification with a 2-disc set of 20 songs and a foil-pressed 12P jacket without mercy in the past!

I devoted my youth to the video site, wrapped it up on SNS, burned it out every time I lived, and spit out blood on those guys who were good and had a good taste, but still the music did not stop.
Even though people were separated from each other, the east was always there. So again.

"Noisy, noisy."

01. For Beatrice / PROJECT
Original song: Pandemonic Planet & Reishi no Taiyo Faith ~ Nuclear Fusion

02. Trap / Tengu no Mai
Original song: Sealed Youkai ~ Lost Place

03. Start of war / Satellite Himawari
Original song: A journey across space and time on a ghost liner & Captain Murasa

04. Kamicraft / Shonen Vivid
Original song: God rusty old battlefield ~ Suwa Foughten Field

05. Yasaka Aca Chic / minimum electric design
Original song: Onbashira Grave of Being & Suwa Foughten Field

06. Ad Astra / wujiu
Original song: Satellite Cafe Terrace

07. 53cmtrsm / Sun Flower Field
Original song: 53 Minutes Blue Sea

08. title / Uramen Soul
Original song: Mugen no Sato-Deep Mountain & Crystallize Silver

09. The Odd Quartet / Aftergrow
Original song: Gensokyo-Flower Land

10. Shade / midnight broadcast
Original song: Septet for the deceased princess

11. Haribote / Butaotome
Original song: Touhou Youyoumu-Ancient Temple

12. Daigo / Mascarpone
Original song: Youyo 跋扈

13. Smoke outer / Mojan stick
Original song: Delivered to the moon, immortal smoke & extended ash-Penglai

Original song: Reverse idealism

15. CM Williams / Canzone Tajima
Original song: Sagara Akizuki-Mooned Insect

16. mukuware / The Flying Madness
Original song: Imperishable Night.

17. The third is laughing / Metropolitan 39th Avenue
Original song: Girl Satori-3rd eye

18. Artificial idol / Tetsuwan lizard detector
Original song: Ceramic swordstick

19. Farewell / Kurage seek room
Original song: Return to Higan-Riverside View

20. Be silent / Neko zamurai
Original song: Faith is for ephemeral humans

Jacket Illustration: can
Design & Mastering: Mano
Produce & Direction: Far East Outbreak Countermeasures Headquarters
All Compose: ZUN

・ 20 songs (2 discs)
・ 12P jacket (cover stamping)
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