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[New article] Невинность / Decoy Pudding Moon Release date: October 18, 2020

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[Issue date] October 18, 2020
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This is the 8th Touhou vocal arrangement album "Невинность" by the self-proclaimed 21st century first Touhou vocal production circle "Decoy Puhou Moon"!

A bright light in the swirling darkness
I can't even feel the distance of the back.
please don't be noticed
In the shadows that increase in colorless days.

[Track list]
1. Yumeno Engineer
Original song: Gensokyo where the gods fell in love / Ryunosuke Akutagawa's Kappa ~ Candid Friend
Lyrics/Song/Song: Tapioca ch

2. Old Peridot
Original song: Darkness Wind Hole / Green-Eyed Jealousy
Lyrics/Song/Song: Tapioca ch me
Original song: Puppeteer of Bukreshti / Doll Trial ~ A girl who plays with human shapes
Lyrics/Song: Shishou
Song: Tapioca ch

4.Reality legend
Original song: Seitoku Densetsu - True Administrator
Lyrics/Song: Shishou
Song: Tapioca ch

5. injuries 3.5
Original song: Moon Yocho, Bakeneko no Illusion / Magician Merry
Song: Tapioca ch
Lyrics: Fresh Oscar (@Akumalollipop)
Song: Miyamaro

6. Sword to the future
Original song: Oriental Demon ~ Ancient Temple / Demon ~ Snow or Cherry Petal
Lyrics/Song: Shishou
Song: Miyamaro ~ / Afutari Fuku

7. Carpe diem
Original song: Moon Clock ~ Luna Dial / Flowering Night
Lyrics/Song/Song: Afutarufuku
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