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[New] ALL TIME BEST / SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec. Release date: Around August 2023

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[Issue date] Scheduled for August 13, 2023
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709sec. (Nana Marukyusek) Featuring Series 23rd!

709sec. The first all-time best-of album that includes a refined version of the best-selected songs carefully selected from all Touhou rock arrangement series, new newly written songs, and the 709 rock rearrange version of "PSYCHICERZ"!
THIS IS 709SEC.!!! Burning passion, surging thunder, all 19 songs dedicated to all rock fans!
A super rock Remilia lady (Illustration: Yuzuki) decorates the jacket Flame Touhou Rock Arrangement ☆

1 PSYCHICERZ - 709 style -
 "Last Occultism
  ~ Mystic of this world
 Vocal : 709sec.

2 Awakening Sister Vamp
 "Is U.N. Owen her?"
 Vocal : 709sec.

3 Night Bird
 "Singing Voice of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird"
 "I can only hear the song anymore"
 Vocal : 709sec.

4 Children's sacrifice
 "Children's Festival ~ Innocent Treasures"
 Vocal : 709sec.

5 Forbidden Magic
 "Forbidden Magic"
 "Crimson Girl ~ Crimson Dead!!"
 Vocal : 709sec.

6 Perverted Automata
 「Romantic Children」
 "Plastic Mind"
 Vocal : 709sec.

 "Extend Ash ~ Houraijin"
 "Reach for the moon, immortal smoke"
 Vocal : 709sec.

8 silver bullet marionette
 "Moon Clock ~ Luna Dial"
 Vocal : 709sec.

9 Crazy Pierrot
 "Stars and Stripes Clown"
 Vocal : 709sec.

10 Momentary impulse
 "Greenwich in the Sky"
 Vocal : 709sec.

 "Boys and Girls in the Science Century"
 Vocal : 709sec.

 "Dream disappears ~ Lost Dream"
 Vocal : 709sec.

13 Judge the way you move
 「the Last Judgement」
 Vocal : 709sec.

14 Marionette
 "Doll Maker of Bucharest"
 "Doll Judgment ~ A Girl Who Plays With Human Shapes"
 Vocal : 709sec.

15 Get the star for you
 "A red soul like a hozuki"
 "Demon Night Walk"
 Vocal : 709sec.

16 Dreams transcend time and space
 "Dreams transcend time and space"
 Vocal : 709sec.

17 sing for you, pray for you
 "Ruined Lullaby"
 "Corpse Travel - Be of good cheer!"
 Vocal : 709sec.

18 border
 "Boundary between dream and reality"
 Vocal : 709sec.

19 Vampir's Miniature Garden
 "Septet for the Dead Princess"
 Vocal : 709sec.

Original Music Compose
ZUN (Shanghai Alice Genrakudan)
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