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[New] ARCADIA INITIATION / CODE-49 Release date: Around April 2021

by CODE-49
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[Issue date] Scheduled for April 25, 2021
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[Genre] Original
The 12th LV.4 original album that provides music for various music games!
This time, Yu Ikeba, Maiko Erikawa, Makoto Spica, Chiaki Iwasaki, and Liris Reverse will be on vocals.
Crying trance, hardcore, psychedelic trance, etc.
A total of 8 songs packed with various club tracks + 3 bonus tracks included!

1. Blue Rose / LV.4 feat. Lilith Reverse
02. World Prayer / LV.4 feat. Maiko Erikawa
03. Shooting Star / LV.4 feat. Cotton Spica
04. HEX / LV.4
05. Branch Point / LV.4 feat. Chiaki Iwasaki
06. Birds fly again / LV.4 feat. Yu Ikeba
07. Vermilion Eclipse / LV.4
08. Broken Freya / LV.4

Bonus track
09. Birds fly again (Radio edit) / LV.4 feat. Yu Ikeba
10. Vermilion Eclipse (Radio edit) / LV.4
11. Angel dust (2019 mix) / LV.4

▼ Produce, Compose, Lyrics, Masterring, Design
LV.4 (CODE-49)

▼ Vocal
Yu Ikeba
Maiko Erikawa
Cotton spica
Chiaki Iwasaki
Lilith Reverse

▼ Illustrator