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[New] Toho Otohanabi [Super Festival Limited Edition] Support Set / COOL & CREATE Release Date: Around August 2021

Original price ¥9,900 - Original price ¥9,900
Original price ¥9,900
¥9,900 - ¥9,900
Current price ¥9,900
SKU 2100000124015

[Issue date] Scheduled for August 14, 2021
[Shipping time] Ships as soon as it arrives
* Multiple orders will be shipped according to the product with the latest release date.
* Due to the circumstances of the manufacturer and wholesaler, the arrival may be delayed by several days from the release date.
 In the case of popular products, we may not be able to prepare the ordered products due to shipping restrictions and distribution. ※※ Please be sure to check the FAQ before ordering ※※
[Product Name] Toho Project

Akiba Hobby is supporting the Touhou Arrangement Revitalization Operation!
A B2 tapestry with a jacket illustration will be given to the "support set".

Because of this era, we want to liven up our Touhou love!

4-disc set! Amazing 40 songs!
Super large! !! !! !!
Touhou Arrange Festival Album Appears! !! !!

By Touhou Music Circle
Collected a whole song with Dodon
Delivered with super festival specifications! !!

Team Shanghai Alice, Kannushi ZUN
Newly written music!

Advent! !! !! !!

Launch the sound fireworks ~~~~! !! !! !!

[Super Festival Limited Edition]
・ With pre-order benefits
Can be used for a little storage!
You can get a special A5 clear file! (* It will end as soon as it runs out)

・ Set of 4 CDs
40 colorful and gem songs suitable for the name of Otohanabi! !!

・ Luxury storage package (23 cm x 23 cm)
huge! I want to keep it handy forever!
The most premium design package this summer! !!

・ Otohanabi special festival book
Of course, music comments by each participating circle
Touhou original love talk (?) Is posted at once!
In the jacket illustration of Aya Azuma
Tama Kashiwamori. A manga written by the teacher!

Otohanabi's special festival book packed with Touhou love! !!

01. Daily Touhou days.
Team Shanghai Alice
Newly written song "Toho Otohanabi"
02. Tenkyu Tenka Otohanabi
03. Twilight Hydradeus
04. Uncle Kishida's Smoking Dragon
05. The beginning of the legend
06. Saikyo ambivalent
08. Lunatic Monster
10. ** in the cage

01.Over the Rainbow
02.Nightmare Time
03.Faith in myself
08.Don't Stop the Music
10. Suga Maki's !!!

01. Yoidore mic relay (feat. Rainy weather decisive action, Makoto, Rapbit, ytr)
02.Baby Deus
03. Futaritsukiyono Parallel World
04.Beast Metropolis Pt.3
05. Santa Mary
06. Shanana ☆ Nuclear fusion
07.My chill Firework
08. Sky Search Rainbow -positive spiral
09.twilight metronome

02. In the unchanging sky
03.I wish
04. Someday, it's a rabbit
05. Beyond Belief
06. Kuchinashi Beans
07. Paradise
08. Native Face 2021
09. Matsuyoi Night Bug
10. Flowers blooming in fantasy

■ Music production circle
Team Shanghai Alice
COOL & CREATE / Soap shop / Kishida cult
Yuuhei Satellite / Everything / Inorai
Fuling Cat Mark / Kurage seek room
Rin Kanobuchi / A-One / DiGiTAL WiNG
Amateras Records / SOUND HOLIC
ZYTOKINE / EastNewSound
Alstroemeria Records / REDALiCE
Irreversible Rhythm / IOSYS / TamaOnSen / Number Shop
TUMENECO / Tokyo Active NEETs
wujiu ~ Ujiu ~ / Song lover / McCachin planning
Hani Pocket / Aki Yamauni / Shibayan Records
Akatsuki Records / Butaotome / AbsoЯute Zero
Girl Theory Observatory / Girl Fractal
Mojan stick / Liz Triangle / Marasy
COOL & CREATE feat. Beat Mario Tomaron
Kishida Kyodan & THE Akeboshi Rockets x Kayoko Kusano

■ Jacket illustration
Aya Azuma (azmaya)

■ Video / manga
Tama Kashiwamori. (Chick can)

■ Package design
coda (Antp / COOL & CREATE)

■ Mastering

■ Special Thanks
Professor Takada

■ Production progress
Maron (IOSYS)
Beat Mario (COOL & CREATE)

■ Planning and production

■ Touhou Hana
Twilight Frontier

■ Touhou Project
Team Shanghai Alice