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[New] Touhou Sound Deep Wave-Silent of Soul. / Harutsuki Kusaki Release Date: Around October 2021

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[Issue date] Scheduled for October 10, 2021
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"I want to play with you again..."

A mysterious "deep sea space" suddenly appeared in Gensokyo!
Perhaps because of that, the order in Gensokyo is going into disorder...!
Surprisingly, "sound" has disappeared from Gensokyo!
Prismriver's instruments, Mystia's singing voice, Tsukumogami's instruments, all kinds of "sounds" from Gensokyo, "music" have disappeared!
This must be an accident caused by a youkai!
Now, let's dive into the "deep sea space" to find the boss and take back the "sound"!

This is a Touhou-style self-composed joint CD of the Nanchatte Touhou original story that the organizer thought of.
It will be the second installment following "Toho Mukaijo".

It is an oriental-style self-composed album that invites you to the unknown deep sea where cheerful and mysterious deep-sea creatures await.

01. Player entrance ~ Let's start with tuning / Kisaragi
02. To the cool world below / Burnyuho
03. Very Very Jelly Sweets / N4 (Mix: Kisaragi)
04. Cold of Chemocline / Hisui
05. Quiet Buccalcorn ~ Sweet Angel?/Aruto (Mix: Kisaragi)
06. Unmanned Sightseeing Boat ~ Pay for Life / DO
07. Resonate in the Heart Sea, Like a Ballon / Kisaragi
08. Creeping White Giant Shadow ~ 1819 / Fuun
09. Signal flag that invites you to fantasy / Boy
10. Backstage water supply in the dark / Kuboyama
11. Rachmaninoff in the Deep / Kokugo
12. Doors open soon ~ Ladies and Deepfish / Sajiboshi
13. Listen, Resurrection Concerto ~ Sound of Soul / Kisaragi and the Deep Sea Band
14. Bright cave walk at midnight / Frozen field
15. Red blindness that can't see ~ Pleiotropic / Good night
16. A lingering slumber ~ Fuyofuyo / Fuuun
17. Player Exit ~ Finale / Kisaragi
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