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[New] TOHO EURO TRIGGER VOL.15 / K2E † Cradle Release date: May 2022

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[Issue date] Scheduled for May 08, 2022
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◆At the end of the abyss, a ray of light can still be seen◆
K2E†Cradle Touhou x EUROBEAT
In 2022, the second one will land as early as possible!

And... TOHO EURO TRIGGER is finally VOL.15!!
The TRIGGER series continues,
This work will also be delivered to you, Yuji Touhou!!

Two As One
Original song: Age father and stylish girl
Arrangement: Iraha Sky (luxis entertainment)
Lyricist: Iraha Ozora (luxis entertainment)

Loneliness doll
Original Song: The Dream Disappears ~ Lost Dream
Composer: TTL (TTL SOUND)
Lyricist: Takanashi Meguri (luxis entertainment)

unlimited future
Original song: Oriental Dark Flight
Arrangement: Honda Yoshimune
Lyricist: Tachibana Kanon (Mopata.)

Super Express Love
Original song: Hiroshige No. 36 ~ Neo Super-Express
Arrangement: Sugano (Sugano Music)
Lyricist: Yaso

Moon Shadow
Original song: Millennium Gensokyo ~ History of the Moon
Composer: MASAKI
Lyricist: Takanashi Meguri (luxis entertainment)

Love in the hell
Original song: Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner
Composer: Domo Nabeya (luxis entertainment)
Lyricist: Takanashi Meguri (luxis entertainment)

Two As One 【Instrumental】

Loneliness doll 【Instrumental】

unlimited future 【Instrumental】

Super Express Love 【Instrumental】

Moon Shadow 【Instrumental】

Love in the hell 【Instrumental】


★Jacket Design

★Original Music Composed by
ZUN (Shanghai Alice Phantom Troupe)

Tsu (K2E†Cradle)

Renqin (NEMESYS)

mineral water sound studio

★special Thanks
luxis entertainment

★Producted by

Iraha sky (luxis entertainment)
Domo Nabeya (luxis entertainment)
Honda Yoshimune

Iraha sky (luxis entertainment)
Takanashi Meguri (luxis entertainment)
Kanon Tachibana (Mopata)
Minimum quantity allowed is .
Maximum quantity allowed is .
The product can be bought in quantity increments of .