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[New item] Say Toberu / Furin Cat Mark Release date: Around October 2023

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[Publication date] Scheduled for October 29, 2023
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[Genre] Original
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For this new work, we invited many guest vocalists.
This is a very luxurious piece!

Sanso Nakamura is a rare composer who can sing and create songs.
The one and only whisper voice “Ugu”
Kotono, a kawaii vocalist who is as good as Ugu-san.
“Mona”, who is a member of the Touhou arrangement and has an outstanding singing ability.
“Atarime/Saisui” is a good friend and familiar to Furin.

Can only be collected with Furin Cat Mark
A chaotic lineup full of variations...!

And the main vocalist ``Narsa'' will perform the title song, which is full of Fu Lin's work!
It turned out to be the best song!

Cool and cute covers of classic songs by Hikaru Utada and Tanpopo.
Anyway, it's a great piece!

Please listen to this album and fly high!

■Track list
1 Say "toberu"
2 Nasolpe
3 traveling(feat. Sanso Nakamura)
4 Monster that hates Shibuya
5 99th equation
6 sky girl
7 I fell in love (feat. Atarime)
8 traveling(Mingsha solo)

Furin cat mark

Music & Lyric Tanitaka Mark
Vocal  Mingsha

Guest vocal

Ugu Tr.2
Nakamura Sanso Tr.3
Mona (North Trilia) Tr.4
Kotono Tr.5
Saisui (Atarime) Tr.7

Support guitar
Ucchii Tr.2, 3, 8
Aftergrow Tr.1, 4

Jacket design: National Route 12
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