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[New] Aurum -THE BEST of ZYTOKINE feat. itori- / ZYTOKINE Release date: Around December 2023

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-If you don't see it, does it mean anything?-

ZYTOKINE 79th work is
ZYTOKINE feat. itori' only best album!

All songs have been remastered, focusing on the gems of past works that are already out of print.
In addition, 4 new songs have been added, including the lead track "Stay Aurum".
We will deliver a total of 14 songs!

01. Stay Aurum feat. itori
Walking the Old Hell Road/Hananosakazuki Oeyama "Touhou Chireiden"

02. POKER FACE feat. itori
Emotion of loss “Touhou Shinkirou”
from CK-0033P >>>> / 2014

Where is that lively market now? ~ Immemorial Marketeers “Touhou Rainbow Dragon Cave”

04. WAVE WAVE WAVE feat. itori
Unexplored mermaid “Touhou Kishin Castle”
CK-0031P I, SCREAM / 2013

05. uni_Verse feat. itoria
Wheelchair future universe/Moon on the other side “Sky magic”
from CK-0027P Dancing Dollz / 2013

06. A WHOLE NEW WORLD feat. itori
Cinderella Cage ~ Kagome-Kagome “Touhou Eiyasho”
from CK-0059P CRYMEARIVER/ 2018

07. Air feat. itori
Fujin Girl “Touhou Kaeizuka”

08. Wandering Blade feat. itori
There is a story about shooting a strange bird ~ Till When? "Eastern Demon Dream"
from CK-0034P DEATH / 2014

09. fragmentary LOOP feat. itori
Tonight is an aloof egoist (Live ver) ~ Egoistic Flowers. “Touhou Yuika”
from CK-0057P BILLIONAIRE'S LAW / 2018

10. Unknown Elegy feat. itori
Let's live in a wonderful graveyard "Izanou substance"
from CK-0058P I want to love you again and again / destroy me / 2018

11. Dancing Utopia feat. itori
Necrofantasia "Touhou Youyoumu"
from CK-0067P ?NATURAL / 2020

12. EXODUS feat. itori - CYTOKINE Remix
Entrust the world to idols ~ Idoratrize World “Touhou Demon Beast”

13. And you feat. itori
Child Sacrifice ~ Innocent Treasures "Dream Against the Century of Science"

14. GOLD feat. itori
Demon Island in the Land of Fairy Tales ~ Missing Power “Touhou Suimuso”
from CK-0024P gold* / 2012
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