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【お知らせ】東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会開催の影響 また、大雨の影響による商品のお届けについて
【お知らせ】東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会開催の影響 また、大雨の影響による商品のお届けについて

[New] #Gensokyo Holoism Normal Edition / COOL & CREATE Release Date: Around July 2020

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[Issue date] Scheduled for July 10, 2020
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[Product Name] Gensokyo Horoizumi
[Genre] Touhou Project
"Marine Houshou departs for Gensokyo!"

There is a Touhou vocal arrangement by Marine Houshou and pleasant friends! There is a drama part! There is anything!
The Touhou Doujin Vocal & Drama CD, which Captain Marin does everything he wants to do, has finally set sail!

The jacket illustration is reversible! (Illustration: Ito Life, Marine Houshou)
Vocal arrangement is 6 songs of the soul! The drama part is over 40 minutes of wonder!
Even though this alone is enough treasure, even "Marine Houshou's treasured best treasure BOX limited edition" has appeared!

Sometimes it's okay to have such a douujin work!
This is the unprecedented Touhou Doujin music sent by COOL & CREATE! !!

■ Main track list
01. [Episode 0] Must-listen for the old people's association, old eastern arrangement tied up song frame
02. Hoihoi ☆ Illusion Holoism / Treasure Bell Marine with Holoism Fantasy
03. Captain Marine no Ketsu Anchor / Treasure Bell Marine
04. [Episode 1] #Marine Straying Can this bamboo grove escape ...! ??
05. Shiawase Usagi Pekomiko Marine / Usada Pekora, Sakura Miko, Treasure Bell Marine
06. [Episode 2] Click here for the venue for the three witch regular meetings
07. Earphone Romance / Treasure Bell Marine
08. [Episode 3] Disappointing sightseeing spots in Gensokyo! !!
09. [Episode 4] First delivery from the special delivery room of Celebration / Gensokyo!
10.Over the Border / Treasure Bell Marine feat. Shiranui Flare
11. [Episode 5] Thank you Gensokyo
12.Help me, ERINNNNNN !! #Gensokyo Holoism ver. / Marine Houshou and pleasant friends